Lavaux Unesco / Vaud Winetourism

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Les Frères Dubois

Lavaux Unesco / Vaud Winetourism

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Lavaux Unesco / Vaud Winetourism

LAvaux Unesco

The vineyards are shaped by those men and women of the region who have tamed the hills and created the vineyards. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lavaux, with its terraced vineyards, is a living cultural landscape, where people live and work.

Lavaux is not a place to visit, but to experience! Have fun!


Vaud Oenotourisme

Dozens of vintners, restaurateurs, hoteliers or certified Vaud Œnotourisme (Vaud Winetourism) terroir product vendors welcome you with open arms. This certification guarantees high quality standards for exceptional moments in the company of terroir specialists and producers.

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